Bright since 1999: lighting design and technical planning of rgb

Early on, the founders of rgb gmbh succumbed to the fascination of light and technology.

Since the mid-1980s, Dirk Feuerstein and Lutz Kleine-Herzbruch have been working in the field of lighting design. In 1998 Dirk Feuerstein opened his first office on the grounds of the Zeche Zollverein, which is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He and Lutz Kleine-Herzbruch established a joint company, and thus laid the foundations for today’s rgb gmbh.

In 2001, Mike Brockmann joined both creatives as technical expert for planning and project management.

The common mission of the three: to combine the three elements of design, planning, and project management into a successful unit in terms of a comprehensive service, and to make the particular aesthetics and emotionality of lights and technology tangible.

The following years prove that this approach works: The team of rgb gmbh continues to grow.

Master of event technology, engineers, draftspersons, designers, and other professionals enlarge the team. In several steps the premises of the former workshop building is expanded. The projects are extensive and increasingly international: The rgb team now manages projects worldwide.

In 2010, the decision was made to be locally active in the asian markets – the subsidiary studio rgb (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. located in Shanghai has been established, and starts the business activities successfully.

Our Philosophy

rgb means trust – independence – quality

We are designers and planners of passion and represent our brand values.

Trust and reliability are the foundation of our work – this applies both to the cooperation with our business partners and customers as well as to our team. So we identify ourselves with the demands, needs and goals of our customers and employees. After all, only on the basis of cooperation, sympathy, and loyalty can extraordinary results be achieved.

We are economically independent and free from foreign interests. We are neither manufacturers nor distributors of the technology we work with. There are no hidden ownership structures or other obligations to third parties. This is the only way to be able to work independently and make the right decisions in the interests of our customers.

Artisanal competence, years of experience, skilled employees, creativity and passion – these are the basics for quality. Quality based on the requirements of the customer is not a target, but a process that never comes to an end. To keep it that way, we invest in knowledge and development.